Hub Motors is a quality product line of

Assembled Products Corporation

The XTi® Hub Motor currently powers over 40,000 Mart Carts in service today. This innovative, patented, motor-in-a-wheel provides front wheel drive for the versatile shopping carts and can easily transport 750 lbs. The Hub Motor is a combination of five major components: motor, gears, electric brake, hub and tire. The motor uses the newest in printed disk technology and is a 24-volt DC brush permanent magnet motor. It utilizes a steel primary/secondary gear system with a unique shock absorbing motor-to-gear coupler. The brake is a friction disk type brake, which is electrically disengaged (at 24 volts DC) by the PWM (pulse-width-modulator) controller as power is applied to the motor. The rotating aluminum hub, with a bonded non-marking tire, encases all of the motor's components. In 2003, Hub Motors won the INNOVA Award presented by Webcom Communications Corp.

Mart Cart

While helping to care for his elderly grandmother in the early 1980's, Mr. William Sage noticed how difficult it was for Grandmother to do her grocery shopping; or even to accompany the family during their shopping trips. Mr. Sage didn't waste any time. He took out a napkin, as it was the only suitable drawing medium available, and started drawing concept ideas for the first electric shopping cart. The Mart Cart was born. Soon after, Mr. Sage began producing the first electric shopping cart in a small facility in Rogers, Arkansas.

In the beginning, electric shopping carts were unheard of in grocery stores. Managers were reluctant to purchase the new device, saying, "They'll be racing up and down the aisles!" But Mr. Sage, in his wisdom, had designed the carts to move at a shopper's pace, a walking pace of only 2 miles per hour. Once the first grocery store manager was convinced that the carts would not only be a benefit to his current shoppers, but also bring new shoppers, the Mart Cart idea spread quickly among shoppers and store managers alike. Shoppers would drive for miles, past one, two, or even three, of their local stores to find a store with a Mart Cart.

In the first years, few carts were sold each month to stores, one by one. Today, Mart Cart builds and ships several thousand carts each year, meeting the needs of many Fortune 500 grocery, drug, variety, and specialty merchandise stores. Across America and around the world, a fleet of over 100,000 carts serve shoppers daily in one of life's most necessary tasks.


Spray Master Technologies is the world's highest quality pressure washing system available. Each design, including the unique central system configuration, incorporates the highest quality components and design for exceptional cleaning in large facilities while saving labor, chemicals, water, and money.

Our experience with pressure washers began in the mid 1960's, when Mr. William Sage was working for his father's pressure washing company in Southern California. After twenty years under his father's tutelage, Mr. Sage's father passed away. Mr. Sage went to work soon after, improved on his father's designs, and began his own pressure washing company. Growth was slow in the first years, but the unique central pressure washing system could not be ignored. Much like a central vacuum operates in a home, the central pressure washer allows operators to clean from multiple remote stations, located conveniently throughout their facilities, all while the pump is housed quietly away. Now SMT Cleans the World!™, providing high quality pressure washers to restaurants (both fine dining and quick service), hotels, schools, hospitals, convenience stores, animal care facilities, nursing homes, and even residences.

Jotto Desk

Since 1994 Jotto Desk, a business unit of Assembled Products Corporation of Rogers, Arkansas, has been innovating and manufacturing laptop computer mounts and equipment consoles for mobile professionals. First to the market with The Mobile Office Desk, Jotto Desk has grown its product lines offering individuals, fleet managers and IT professional's solid, best in class solutions for mounting and docking laptop computers in all types of vehicles. Jotto Desk products are used in public safety, homeland security, military, infrastructure, sales, service and transportation fleets in small to large businesses.

In 2006, Jotto Desk redefined cargo management with the Jotto-Cargo Slide, a line of truck and SUV cargo slides that provide easy access to cargo in the bed of the vehicle. In early 2009 Kodiak Mobile, a 16 year veteran manufacture of mobile docking stations was added providing entry into mobile electronics. Kodiak Docking stations are turn-key solutions totally automated with "intelligent power management systems, charging and many laptop protections. The addition of Patriot Products to the Jotto Desk offering makes Jotto Desk the first Total Solutions Provider in public safety equipment.