The XTi Blue Hub Motors 280-1343M & 280-1600M currently power over 40,000 Mart Carts in service today. This innovative, patented, motor-in-a-wheel provides front wheel drive for the versatile shopping carts and can easily transport 750 lbs.

 This motor features:

 • High Efficiency Disc DC Brush Motor

 • 12, 24, 36 Volts DC

 • Steel Gears

 • Shock Motor Coupler

•  Water Resistance Casing

 • 8” Solid or 12” Pneumatic Tire

 • Optional Electrically Released Friction Disc/Brake

 • Works With Off The Shelf DC Controllers

 • Low Cost

•  9,000 Hours under extreme continuous duty testing at maximum load with alternating forward and reverse cycling before any sign of failure

blue motor